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Classes are administered via Zoom, an easy to use video conferencing software. You will be able to see everyone who's joining the class, and interact with the instructor and other members virtually.  To learn more about Zoom and how it works, visit the About Zoom page.

Classes at Minty Fitness

Classes at Minty Fitness

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The backbone of dance fitness, Zumba incorporates a variety of Latin-inspired music and dance moves such as Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue and Reggaeton. Just like its motto "Ditch the workout - Join the party!", the class is a fun & engaging aerobic exercise that builds cardio endurance, tones muscles and improves flexibility.

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Abs, Butt & Core

The perfect class to give you that defined abs and firm booty! This is a medium to high intensity class specifically designed for women. Each session consists of 3-4 circuit workouts that not only sculpt the core muscles, but also help you build overall body strength & mobility. Classes every Monday @7:30pm!!


Cardio Dance

A fun and energetic class that includes a variety of dance styles such as Latin, Hip Hop & Belly Dance.  By combining hight and low-intensity moves, this class guarantees you that calorie burn by working out your whole body, and it’s great for boosting your mood and metabolism!!  Come sweat it out with us every Tuesday at 6pm and Sunday at 10:15am!


Total Body Conditioning 

Described by the Minty ladies as “The class that always gives me a kick-ass workout!”. 

This class uses the HIIT (High-intensity interval training)technique, and intersperses cardio exercises that fire up your heart rate  with functional movements to strengthen & sculpt your entire body. Alternative moves are offered for students new to conditioning classes or looking for lower-impact options.


Reset Flow

This "Wake Up" yoga class aims to reset your mind and body and prepare you for the new week.  It will help you rinse away any stiffness and tension, realign your posture and improve joint mobility.

It starts with gentle yet dynamic movements to warm up, and guide you through restorative poses to stretch your connective tissues and strenghen your core muscles.  You will feel refreshed and recharged after the session.


Therapy Pilates

A great class for anyone looking for a low impact yet dynamic workout that strengthens the entire body. With exercises designed to improve flexibility, mobility, balance and coordination, this class will not only give you stronger core muscles( abs & glute!) , but will also work on your spinal alignment to help maintain good posture. it’s very beneficial for preventing shoulder & lower back discomfort and popular for students who work in an office setting.

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